Questions we often get asked

Please contact a chosen driving instructor and they will send you a personalised invite link to our booking system. We prefer to understand our learners’ individual situation before we register them, so we can support you better.

Our main test centre is Peterborough, however we occasionally cover Grantham or Boston TC.

The average person needs 40-60 hrs of driving to pass a test. However it depends on experience, the individual’s learning pace, the duration and frequency of the sessions, whether private practice is feasible.

Our rates a “flat rate” that means you would pay the same if you book 10 lessons at the same time or just one by one. We do not have any package deals.

You have the option to book 1, 1.5 or 2 hours slots, even 3 hours if needed. The most effective learning takes place on a 1.5 or 2 hrs lesson. We would only recommend 3 hrs sessions if we have to drive to a different town to practice or take a test there.

Test day sessions are 2 hrs long in Peterborough. If the test is in Grantham or Boston, 3 hrs slot will be booked. Your test slot booking is: 45 - 50 mins practice before test, driving to test centre, test, debrief and drive home. Usual hourly rates apply.

You have the option to use the instructor’s car on the test - that is the most common case - or you can take your own car. Please check test car requirements on The Test Centres in the UK do not provide test cars, like in some European countries.

Currently we have 1 female and 1 male instructor for automatic gear and 1 male instructor for manual gear. This may change as we are currently recruiting new instructors.

On the Government website you have the option to book a driving test for car, you don’t have to decide the gear type. The examiner will give you a pass certificate for the type of car you were taking your test in. Your license will be issued accordingly.

You can pay cash on the lesson - we are always prepared with change - or you can also pay to our business account. Your instructor will share the account details with you.

If you need to be picked up or dropped of at a different place to your usual location, please inform your instructor and they will tell you whether it’s ok or not. Normally we would support these kind of requests.

You will be picked up from the address you have given us when you registered on the booking system, unless agreed otherwise. Your instructor will park up at your pick up point and wait for you in the car.

You can, but you do not have to pay in advance, however when booking ahead, please make sure you are free on those days and you can attend. We may charge the full amount if you do not attend your lesson. Please see our cancellation policy in the T&C’s.

Provisional license, comfortable shoes, any prescription glasses you may need and please wear appropriate, comfortable clothing.

We always use the phone number that you provided on the booking system when you registered. Please make sure your details are correct. If you move house please update your address and also notify your instructor in a text message.

At the moment we do not offer intensives exclusively, however if you plan and pre-book your lessons to be on the same week, we are happy to deliver a week’s intensive learning! Hourly rates apply.

You are booking time out of our diary, therefore hourly rates apply. If your test was booked for 2 hours, you will pay £80. If your test is not in Peterborough, you may get charged for 3 hours.

Yes you can. Make sure you are insured for the test day, car has MOT, L plates front and back and a rearview mirror for the examiner.